Brae Revival Impact Reconstructive Treatment Kit 120ml

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Brae Revival Impact Reconstructive Treatment Kit 120ml


Discover revival: a new life cycle for damaged hair

Chemically damaged hair that before had no recovery, takes on a new life with revival of braƩ hair care.

Its exclusive technology consists of a blend of vitamins that gradually and intensely reconstructs all layers of the hair fiber. Saving hair is now possible, with revival.


Revival one 120ml: immediate rescue reconstructor for highly damaged and unstructured wires.

Revival two 120ml: repository of pasta with intense restructuring power.

How to use:

Application advice:

Apply revival one starting at the nape of the neck. Use a fine comb for better product distribution. After application on all hair, let it act for 5 minutes under a heat source.

Without rinsing your hair, apply revival two, in the same way as revival one. Return to the heat source for another 10 minutes.

Wait for the hair to cool and rinse with warm water, without using shampoo.

Dry and finish your hair the way you want.

Expert tip: do not use heat source directly on the wires

Result: yards with uniform growth, healthy, bright and recovered