Brae Matizador Acidificante PH Home Care 250ml

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Brae Matizador Acidificante PH Home Care 250ml


Sublime blondes ask for a touch, a new tone to remain angelic. Thinking of this restoration of nuances, braé developed bond angel toners, a powerful line with unique formulas that treat the discolored threads while neutralizing yellowish notes of the hair. It is protection from the heat and daily care for a beautiful and healthy blonde.

* main actives
Exclusive bap5000 technology: a unique blend for hair with special needs. Extracts of açaí, grape and barbados cherry the hair is revitalized deeply and has a customised action on each hair fibre. Hydration, emollience, rejuvenation and intense nutrition in each hair fibre, restoring the harmony throughout the entire head of hair. Keratin protein the main hair protein is restored to give the hair fibre more strength and life. Rich in amino acids, it replenishes the lost nutrients and leaves the wicks soft and completely silky. Panthenol panthenol acts as a potent long lasting moisturizer, retaining moisture in the strands and avoiding the formation of double ends, repairing and protecting the hair from the root to the tips.

* step by step
Apply the toning shampoo and let it act for 5 minutes. Do not exceed 5 minutes of pause. Rinse thoroughly.
Apply the toning acidifying ph strand by strand.
Let it act for 5 to 20 minutes, according to the desired tone and rinse.