Brae Revival Leave-in Spray Immediate Rescue 200ml

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Brae Revival Leave-in Spray Immediate Rescue 200ml


It is a powerful finisher that, in addition to facilitating brushing, intensely nourishes the hair and repairs damage according to the needs of each area of the hair fiber. Its innovative formula provides silky touch, healthy appearance and well-designed hair.

Action and benefits:
With a blend of vitamins and actives such as wheat protein, silk protein, pantenos and seaweed the revival leave-in spray acts deeply acting as a long-lasting moisturizer with restorative and protective action. Improves elasticity and flexibility, revitalizing the hair from root to tip. Repairs damage caused by dyes, permanent and other chemicals, without weighing the hair.

How to use:
Apply revival leave-in directly to dry or damp hair. Starting at the ends. Spread to length, avoiding the root. There is no need to rinse.

Expert tip: use revival leave-in before babyliss to protect the hair fiber.

Result: revitalizes the wire from the root to the points, repairing the damage caused by chemical processes without weighing the hair.