Brae Revival Intense Shine Moisturizing Spray 150ml

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Brae Revival Intense Shine Moisturizing Spray 150ml


Revival intense shine spray is an instant action dry moisturizer for dry and damaged hair. Even in well-treated and nourished hair, the ends of the hair always show greater structural sensitivity, after all, this is the most damaged part of the strands. Revival intense shine hair spray visibly recovers the most sensitive parts of the hair, promoting immediate malleability, rich and soft touch.

Action and benefits:
Revival intense shine spray has a rich silicone mix with protective and emollient properties. They leave the hair with a silky and malleable touch. In addition to disciplining split ends, revival's rich silicones control frizz, condition and facilitate brushing. All of this with an incredible shine to the threads.

How to use:
On clean and dry hair, apply revival intense shine spray in the desired amount. Finish as you wish.

Expert tip: carry revival intense shine spray in your bag and feel silky and hydrated wherever you go.

Result: immediate maleability, rich and soft touch.