Brae Revival Home Care Mask Reconstruction 200g

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Brae Revival Home Care Mask Reconstruction 200g


Restore the vitality of hair at home!
Revival deep recovery hair mask is a new level in the process of intensive restoration of severely damaged hair. Exclusive reconstruction technology contains active ingredients and a mixture of vitamins that help restore hair fibers and create a protective layer on the strands, thereby retaining moisture in them and protecting them.
Forget about hair weakness after applying the revival line!

Action and benefits
Oil from palm nuts
Known as the “caribbean miracle,” this oil is rich in lipids, fatty acids, amino acids, and natural antioxidants essential for healthy hair. It helps to restore severely damaged hair.
Amino acids
Amino acids are organic compounds that make up hair protein. Regular replenishment of amino acids is necessary for the hair restoration process.
Gives hair vitality. Rich in glycine, cysteine , and essential amino acids. Restores damaged fibers, and contributes to the continuous growth of healthy hair.

How to use
Apply the mask to clean and damp hair, starting at the ends. Gently massage at the roots of the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse well.
Style as desired.