Brae Divine Conditioner Home Care Anti-frizz 250ml

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Brae Divine Conditioner Home Care Anti-frizz 250ml


Divine conditioner leaves hair intensely silky, nourished, and totally frizz-free. Achieve an absolute smooth effect for much longer.
Achieve the absolute smooth effect for much longer. The line of divine shampoo and conditioner home-care was created from a blend of plant extracts, coconut water, and coconut oil, specially selected to shield threads against moisture, leaving hair intensely silky, more nourished and totally frizz-free.

Action and benefits
The blend of plant extracts that contains extracts of mango and passion fruit has emollient and remineralizing properties, nourishes, protects, and strengthens hair fibers.
Coconut water keeps hair hydrated and nourished, thanks to mineral salts, phytohormones, and vitamins. It is rich in fatty acids that strengthen, shine, and help reduce frizz.
Coconut oil provides nutrients, giving balance to damaged hair.

How to use
On damp and clean hair, apply the divine conditioner. Start at the ends, gently massaging and sliding the strands between your fingers until they are untangled. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse for better performance
Expert tip
Using divine conditioner daily assists in sealing cuticles and keeping the hair frizz-free for longer.